Disability in India – A Legal Analysis

By Sania Gupta, Student, School of Law, Christ University _______________________________________________________________________________________________________  “Disability need not be an obstacle to success” – Stephen Hawking  Disability led to various forms of prejudice, bias and discriminatory practices around the world. It can be considered as one of the contemporary aspect of society which needs our attention as responsible citizens of... Continue Reading →

Regulation of the Domain of Public Nuisance : An Overview of the Existing Indian Laws

By Sneha Mathew, Law Student, Christ University _____________________________________________________________________________ Winfield once said, “Nuisance may be described as unlawful interference with a person’s use or enjoyment of land or of some right over, or in connection with it.”   Nuisances are usually divided into two categories - public and private. In this article, I will be focusing on... Continue Reading →

Restoring the Forgotten Spirit of Secularism enshrined in Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution in Reference to the Recent Religious Violence

By Kumari Pooja, Student Editor (Probationary), Lexstructor This is the highlight reel when the word ‘secularism’ needs a clarification as this word has become an object of ridicule and contempt in recent years that witnessed conflicts related to CAA, Kashmiri Pandits, ban on cow killing, Ram Mandir or any religious tensions. Saddled with lot of... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Efficacy of the Supreme Court in view of the recent interim directions passed in the Ficus Pax Private Ltd. & ors. v. Union of India case

By Advait Mishra, First Year Undergraduate Law Student from HNLU Raipur The recent times of lockdown have indeed made our economy suffer along with our freedom to socialize. India isn’t privileged enough yet, to enable its government to announce huge bailout packages like the governments of some fortunate developed countries. Businesses in India are suffering.... Continue Reading →

Position Marks: A New Era in Trademark Regime

By Kumari Pooja, Fourth Year Undergraduate Law Student from Tamil Nadu National Law University Some marks that label a product becomes distinctive just because of the manner in which it is positioned in a product, no matter if it is original or not. Came from German Doctrine, one of the unconventional/non-traditional trademarks, Position Marks are... Continue Reading →

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