Illegal Pond Filling and Unauthorized Construction – A Threat Towards Environment

By Rupanwita De, 1st Year UG Law Student, WBNUJS Kolkata A country’s development is often indicated by the conservation of natural resources. The Indian government has taken initiatives for conservation of both forest and water resources. However, the area of wetlands has remained unclearly legislated upon. Wetlands have been well defined by the Ramsar Convention,... Continue Reading →

An Analytical Study on the Draft EIA Notification, 2020 and Its Implications

By S. Dhivya, 2nd Year Undergraduate Law Student, Symbiosis Law School Pune Infrastructural development, as an instrument to boost economic growth, has earned immense importance. With such growing significance attached to it, it has been realised that environment is exposed to threats and challenges. A common concern is the cost paid in terms of environment... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Efficacy of the Supreme Court in view of the recent interim directions passed in the Ficus Pax Private Ltd. & ors. v. Union of India case

By Advait Mishra, First Year Undergraduate Law Student from HNLU Raipur The recent times of lockdown have indeed made our economy suffer along with our freedom to socialize. India isn’t privileged enough yet, to enable its government to announce huge bailout packages like the governments of some fortunate developed countries. Businesses in India are suffering.... Continue Reading →

Position Marks: A New Era in Trademark Regime

By Kumari Pooja, Fourth Year Undergraduate Law Student from Tamil Nadu National Law University Some marks that label a product becomes distinctive just because of the manner in which it is positioned in a product, no matter if it is original or not. Came from German Doctrine, one of the unconventional/non-traditional trademarks, Position Marks are... Continue Reading →

Clearing the clouds of conundrums revolving around the concept of ‘Default Bail’- a study with reference to recent judicial orders

By Advait Mishra, First Year Undergraduate Law Student from HNLU, Raipur A man’s personal liberty should be of utmost significance in any democratic legal regime. An unbiased legal structure understands the importance of the principle of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. The united nation also incorporated this principle in the United nations Declaration of Human Rights,... Continue Reading →

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