Protecting your Creativity from Plagiarism : A ‘Must’ Law for the Virtual World, Especially! – Part 1 (India)

Well, the wake of digital age necessitates an awareness on this pressing matter. Today, we are called Tech-savy kids and hence, no wonder, we prefer virtual fame and reputation over the physical image. Fame by means of exhibition of our creativity thus becomes a part and parcel of the virtual world. Instances can be taken... Continue Reading →

How do you protect YOURSELF from Cyber Crimes and What remedies do you have?

The Internet is the best invention that has happened to man after the television. In the present day, about 4 out of 7 billion humans use the Internet everyday. From social media sites, entertainment websites to e-commerce sites, the world revolves inside the virtual world of Internet. Just as in the physical world, crimes have... Continue Reading →

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